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A holiday without gadgets is unthinkable for more than half of us, reveals a new study, with 51 per cent live sex saying we can’t get through our break without access to a tablet, smartphone or game.It seems while we love to get away we have to stay connected to our loved ones back home with 52 per cent of people surveyed night porn by Royal Caribbean International saying their holiday experience is enhanced by technology.How we connect varies but on average a family will send four texts, two personal emails, two work emails, one Vine, two Snapchats, four Instagrams, three tweets, four images on Pinterest and four Facebook updates. Scroll down for video 
Travellers cant get enough of gadgets and social media-friendly devices such as smartphones on holiday
A man films a street performer with a tablet, the preferred travel companion for holidaymakers OUR FAVOURITE GADGETS TO TAKE AWAY ON HOLIDAY iPad or other tablet - 47%Smart phones - 53%Nintendo DS and games consoles – 20%Laptops - 25%Kindles - 20% iPods/ music devices - 31% DVD players - 13%Source: Royal Caribbean International  That is almost 200 social media updates per week – some of those surveyed revealed they posted more than 15 times on Twitter and Facebook a day.Perhaps surprisingly, men are the most in need of communicating with the outside world when they should be in wind-down mode. The survey found guys are twice as likely to post on social media than women.Young travellers aged 18 to 24 are the ones who struggle to switch off from work with this age bracket three times more likely keep their boss updated holiday than 45 to 54-year-olds.The real turn up for the books is that it’s parents, and not children, who are most attached to their technological companions, with 21 per cent of respondents saying they were more guilty of being on their ‘toys’ than their teenage children. 
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A woman lazes on the beach watching a tablet – 52 per cent of people say their holiday is enhanced by gadgets
Parents in fact rely more on their tablets and smartphones more than their teenage children JASON BRADBURYS TOP FIVE FAVOURITE TRAVEL GADGETS 
The Gadget Show host Jason Bradbury1) Kobo                     e-reader: Easily         a match for kindle2) A travel battery: Because sometimes you can’t find power when you need it3) A tablet: My wife and I don’t always get to go to the bar or the restaurant because we have small children and so we like to relax with a movie on a tablet4) A really good pair of headphones:       My choice is the B&W P35) A GoPro rugged water proof camera: Indestructible action camera used for everything from swimming to snowboarding Playing games accounted for 25 per cent of parents gadget use, while 27 per cent of their contact is texting and 38 per cent involves updating their Facebook friends on what they’ve been up to.There are times when gadgets are forbidden, however, with 39 per cent of people saying they’re off limits meal times, when on day trips (27%) by the pool (21%) and when on the beach (14%).Jason Bradbury, host of Channel 5’s The Gadget Show, says connectivity and staying in touch are the ‘most important factors’ for him and his family when considering a holiday. And he doesn’t necessarily subscribe to any form of dinner time technology ban.‘The survey says the times when it is most inappropriate to be using technology are family meal times, the beach and sightseeing trips but I disagree,’ Bradbury says.‘The mayhem that is meal time with my four, six, and nine-year-old kids is so stressful that pretending that I absolutely must reply to something on my phone is my only get out.‘Seriously though, I think it is important to see this is kind of technology as an enabler, as a much more efficient replacement for the postcard or the polaroid.’Royal Caribbean carried out the survey to coincide with the launch of their three new Quantum Class ships which they’ve dubbed the world’s first ‘smart’ ships which are making the most of advances in connectivity technology.
Addicted to gadgets? Smartphone ownerships doubles in four years
Royal Caribbean conducted the survey as they launch three new Quantum class cruise ships  
The Quantum of the Seas, which have bumper cars, are the worlds first smart ships 
The ships have fast broadband connections, Robot bartenders, luggage trackers and Roboscreens‘The new technologies make things possible at sea that could never have been done before,’ says Royal Caribbean managing director Stuart Leven.‘Wi-fi connectivity speeds that match fast broadband connections onshore, Robot bartenders, RFID luggage tracking devices and Roboscreens, among others things, are complete game-changers for the travel industry and we know that guests will be amazed when they step on board.’

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Apple is believed to have delayed plans to produce a 12.9inch iPad Pro so it can keep up with demand bayan escort for its 5.5inch iPhone 6 plus handset.The firm confirmed it sold more than 10 million iPhone 6 units during the escort launch weekend, with recent estimates suggesting it may have sold more than 21 million units in the first two weeks escort bayan – with over 4 million iPhone 6 units reserved in China.It is believed the larger model, the 6 Plus, has vip eskort proved more popular than expected, causing manufacturers to scramble to produce enough screens.Scroll down for video
The iPhone 6 plus with its 5.5inch screen has proved so popular a larger 12.9inch iPad Pro has been delayed, it has been claimed ULTRA HIGH RESOLUTION MACS TO BE REVEALED
Apple is preparing to launch a range of iMacs with Ultra HD Retina display screens in a bid to reinvigorate desktop computer sales.The firm is expected to reveal them alongside a new version of its Mac software called Yosemite, and news iPads this month.A new line of iMacs with ultra high-resolution Retina Displays is in late testing stages within Apple, according to our sources who have used the future desktop computer, said 9to5 Mac.While the machine will sport a thin profile similar to that of the current design, which was introduced in 2012, it will be packed with new internals such as faster processors and improved Wi-Fi antennas, it says.  The top priority for the supply chain is to meet the overwhelming demand for the larger screen iPhones, a source told the Wall Street Journal. The output of the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus remains unsatisfactory, an unidentified person familiar with Apples supply chain said. It would be challenging for display makers to split resources and spend a few months to ramp up production for a new larger screen iPad now.Everyone is busy with the new iPhones, Foxconns bread and butter. Chairman [Terry Gou] has also gone to the Zhengzhou site to monitor the production closely, a Foxconn official said. At the Zhengzhou plant alone, more than 200,000 workers are making iPhone 6 units — overall, Foxconn has well over 1 million workers.The bigger 12.9-inch iPad Pro tablet was supposed to enter production in December, it has been claimed.
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It comes as Apple is to unveil new iPads and new Mac computers on 16th October at its California HQ.The new gadgets could go on sale on the 24 October – with new Mac software, called Yosemite, available as a free download even earlier.  Last week, rumours suggested Apple was putting the finishing touches to a new version of its iPad Air – including a gold version. The small event is likely to be in stark contrast to the star-studded launch of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, which saw U2 playing before the firm controversially gave away the bands new album.An apparent mockup of a slightly redesigned, next-generation iPad Air has surfaced from Vietnam showing a more trim profile, recessed volume buttons, and the addition of a Touch ID sensor to the home button.According to Tinhte.vn  the device comes in at just 7 millimeters thick, the same thickness as the iPhone 6.
An apparent mockup of a slightly redesigned, next-generation iPad Air has surfaced from Vietnam showing a more trim profile, recessed volume buttons, and the addition of a Touch ID sensor to the home button. In addition to a redesigned speaker grille, the unit also sports a small hole where the mute/orientation lock switch appears on existing iPad units. The move is thought to be designed to boost sales of its full-size tablets, which are in decline.Until now, iPads have only been available in a monochromatic colour scheme, but a golden makeover would make the tablets more similar to the Californian companys new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, which come in three colours. 
The iPads have a new sleek design and are thinnerNew versions of the 9.7-inch tablet could include a golden metal rear cover as well as the silver and grey currently offered for the iPad Air, people familiar with the matter told Bloomberg.The new iPads are also predicted to sport a thinner, more rounded design, similar to the iPhone 6.Hidden code in the latest iOS 8.1 beta software hints that the iPads will feature a Touch ID fingerprint sensor and Apple Pay functionality.  The code states that users can pay with iPad using Touch ID. With Apple Pay, you no longer need to type card numbers and shipping information.However, it is not clear whether the new iPad will come with NFC functionality, which is used for contactless payments, as it relies on a Wi-Fi or mobile connection. Apple Pay has only been announced in the US, so if the iPads do get the feature, it may be limited to only American buyers.  Apple is also rumoured to be launching a larger iPad with a 12.9-inch screen next year, which if true, could offer 76 per cent more screen area than the current 9.7 inch models.The latest swathe of Apple tablets could come with a split screen function, which would allow users of an iPad to open two apps side-by-side on one screen. Sales of iPads have slumped for two quarters, after climbing from $5 billion (£3 billion) when they were launched in 2010, to $30 billion (£19 billion) in 2012 and $32 billion in 2013 (£20 billion).The firm hasnt unveiled an updated iPad since last October when it launched the iPad Air and Mini, and it appears that consumers have instead been drawn to smartphones with larger screens, including recently, Apples iPhone 6 Plus, which has a 5.5 inch screen.
The new iPads are expected to have a rounded design similar to the recently released iPhone 6
The new iPads are also expected to include Touch ID sensorsApple is not new to the strategy of launching colourful products to boost its sales. In 1999 it rolled out different coloured iMacs which were successful, but sales of its iPhone 5C – a budget version of the iPhone 5S – have not sold as well as the company hoped.The company is expected to unveil the new iPads at the same time as a range of iMacs with Ultra HD Retina display screens in a bid to reinvigorate desktop computer sales.The new line of iMacs is rumoured to have ultra high-resolution Retina Displays, a thin profile and faster processors as well as improved Wi-Fi antennas.The firm is expected to reveal them alongside a new version of its Mac software called Yosemite.  Apple’s next iPad: bigger screen, Touch ID, Apple Pay and multi-window? | Technology | theguardian.com
Apple to Hold iPad Event on October 16 | Re/code
Apple Said to Add Gold Option to IPad to Goose Sales – Bloomberg
[Hình ảnh] Đây có phải là mô hình của iPad Air mới? | Tinhte.vn
Larger Apple iPad to Be Delayed – WSJ

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Researchers have found an entirely new type of good fat made in the body could help prevent and treat escort diabetes.The previously unidentified lipid molecules that increase insulin sensitivity and blood sugar control could be the latest weapon to tackle child porno the type 2 diabetes epidemic.Unlike omega-3 fatty acids found in oily fish which are not made in mammals, the porn good fat named fatty acid hydroxyl fatty acids, or FAHFAs, are molecules found in fat cells as well as other escort bayan cells throughout the body.
The protein Glut4m which  moves to the cell surface to help transport glucose from the blood into the cell after a meal.Scroll down for video  TYPES OF DIABETES Type 2 diabetes occurs when the body doesnt produce enough insulin to function properly, or the bodys cells dont react to insulin. In 2012, 29.1 million Americans, or 9.3% of the population, had diabetes.Of the 29.1 million, 21.0 million were diagnosed, and 8.1 million were undiagnosed.Diabetes remains the 7th leading cause of death in the United States in 2010The NHS estimates in England there are approximately 3.1 million people over 16 with diabetes but by 2030 the figure is expected to rise to 4.6 million, with nine out of ten sufferers having type 2 diabetes.Type 1 diabetes (formerly called juvenile-onset or insulin-dependent diabetes), accounts for 5 to 10 out of 100 people who have diabetes. In type 1 diabetes, the bodys immune system destroys the cells that release, eventually eliminating insulin production from the body. We were blown away to discover this completely new class of molecules, Professor Barbara Kahn of the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC) said.Professor Alan Saghatelian of Salk Institute said: Based on their biology, we can add FAHFAs to the small list of beneficial lipids.These lipids are amazing because they can also reduce inflammation, suggesting that we might discover opportunities for these molecules in inflammatory diseases, such as Crohns disease and rheumatoid arthritis, as well as diabetes.The new findings, made by a team of scientists from and the Salk Institute, was published online in the journal Cell.They now join a small group of fatty acids known to benefit health, which also include omega-3 fatty acids found in fish oil. FAHFAs are actually produced and broken down inside the human body and Prof Kahn said This important feature gives FAHFAs an advantage in terms of therapeutic development because we can potentially modify the rate of production and breakdown throughout the body.Because we can measure FAHFA levels in blood, low levels may turn out to be an early marker for the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.
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Consequently, if restoring FAHFA levels in insulin resistant individuals proves to be therapeutic, we may potentially be able to intervene before the development of frank diabetes.The discovery was made using mice have with elevated fatty acids, a sign of insulin resistance and glucose intolerance.The study use mass spectrometry to study the fat molecules they discovered four groups that were elevated 16-18-fold in the insulin resistant mice, but not in the normal mice.Further tests revealed that feeding the mice extra FAHFAs resulted in a rapid and dramatic drop in blood sugar and rise in insulin.They also looked at FAHFA levels in human fat and plasma from people who were insulin resistant and at high risk for developing diabetes.The FAHFA levels were found to be 50 to 75 per cent lower than levels in people with normal insulin sensitivity, suggesting that changes in FAHFA levels might be contributing to diabetes.The team also identified GPR-120, the cellular receptor that FAHFAs bind to.Prof Kahn said: When FAHFAs bind to GPR-120, they are able to control how much glucose is taken up into fat cells.
Unlike omega-3 fatty acids found in oily fish, the good fat named fatty acid hydroxyl fatty acids, or FAHFAs, are molecules found in fat cells as well as other cells throughout the body. They now join a small group of fatty acids known to benefit health, which also include omega-3 fatty acids found in fish oil.The receptor may also be responsible for the effects of the novel lipids to reduce widespread macrophage activation, which is associated with obesity and with inflammatory diseases.The discovery of FAHFAs provides important new insights underlying metabolic and inflammatory diseases, and, of critical importance, offers viable new treatment avenues that we hope to be able to test in clinical trials.This is of critical importance as rates of obesity and type 2 diabetes remain at epidemic proportions worldwide. 

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It started out as a simple disagreement between neighbours over when to open and shut a gate on their shared porn driveway.But three years – and £100,000 later – the two middle-class couples have been criticised by a judge after their escort bayan quarrel, which could have been solved for about £5,000, ended up as a bitter feud in court.Mr Justice Norris said escort he was surprised that retired construction firm director Peter Heslin, 73, and his wife, Marianne, 67, and retired teachers Martin child porno and Rosemary Bradley had been unable to sit around a table and work out a solution.
Prisoners in our own home: Peter and Marianne Helsin said that they didnt want to roll over because giving the Bradleys control of their £650,000 five-bedroom property would be make it difficult to sell in the future
Centre of the dispute: The gates at the entrance to the driveway which is shared by the neighbours in Formby, Merseyside. The Bradleys elegant £700,000 Edwardian villa, pictured, is at the front of the siteInstead they had spent what Mr Heslin called a ‘sickening’ amount paying lawyers to take the argument to court.After a three-day hearing in Liverpool in May, the High Court judge in London yesterday ruled a partial victory for the Bradleys, who will be allowed to lock the gates on the driveway to their properties in Formby, Merseyside, between 11pm and 7.30am.But he agreed with the Heslins that the most sensible answer – and much cheaper than legal action – would have been to install a set of electronic gates.
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Stuck in the doghouse! Labrador has to be rescued by the fire brigade after getting its head stuck…
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Mr Heslin last night said the whole dispute had left him feeling ill. ‘We’ve spent a sickening amount of money on this and the Bradleys have too, but once the legal machine is rolling it’s impossible to get off without giving in,’ he said. ‘We’re determined to fight until a judge finally sees through the claptrap and orders for electronic gates to be installed.‘That has been the obvious solution all along, but for some reason the Bradleys have refused point blank to have them.
Lawyers: Retired teacher Martin Bradley and his wife Rosemary instructed solicitors after Mr Heslin padlocked one of the gates permanently open ‘A set of electronic gates would have cost around £5,000, but with the amount we’ve already spent we could have had a pair of gold-plated gates by now.’Mr Heslin said they didn’t want to ‘roll over’ because giving the Bradleys control of access to their £650,000 five-bedroom property would make it difficult to sell in future.He added: ‘Forcing the gates to be shut at night is a partial victory for them. We do feel like prisoners in our own home.’ Problems began in August 2011 when the Bradleys, who have lived in an elegant £700,000 Edwardian villa for 28 years, began routinely shutting the front gate for security reasons following a break-in at a neighbouring property.The Heslins’ home, which sits directly behind the Bradleys’ back garden and swimming pool, can only be accessed by a driveway down the side via a shared set of 4ft-wide wrought iron gates.They claimed that shutting the gates to their property, which they have owned since 2006, was inconvenient and dangerous because they would have to stop and park the car at the roadside each time they came home.Mr Heslin claims he spoke to Mr Bradley, 67, who agreed to look into getting a quote for electronic gates. But he said the Bradleys took umbrage when, in December 2011, after months of inaction, the Heslins got a quote themselves.Things came to a head in August 2012 when, following no further progress, Mr Heslin padlocked one of the gates permanently open. This was the last time either couple spoke to each other and led to the Bradleys instructing solicitors.Mrs Heslin said: ‘We offered to pay for electronic gates in full but they just won’t have it.’She said the Bradleys had offered one objection after another to electronic gates, including fears that children would destroy post left in a mail box outside. She added: ‘Now I think it’s all about saving face.’The judge said: ‘Sensible neighbours would have sat round a table and worked out either a regime for closing the gates at agreed hours or the installation of remotely-operated electric gates.’Last night the Bradleys were unavailable for comment.
Shut: The Heslins home sits directly behind the Bradleys’ back garden and swimming pool, and can only be accessed by a driveway via a shared set of 4ft-wide wrought iron gates, which they claim are dangerous 

porno style are and seniors

Gareth Southgate has raised the bar for his England Under 21 squad by challenging them to secure a Euro 2015 porno spot with style.England will face their biggest test of Southgate’s reign in Wolverhampton on Friday night, when they face Croatia porno in the first leg of their play-off meeting.If England can negotiate Friday nights contest, plus the return leg in Vincovki next Tuesday, they will set a record of being the only nation to reach five consecutive Under 21 European Championships. But just getting there is not enough for Southgate.
England Under 21 manager Gareth Southgate watches his players during a training session at St Georges Park
Saido Berahino (right) with Tom Ince during international training in Burton-upon-Trent on ThursdayHe has spent the last 14 months working on a distinct pattern of play, based around passing and movement, and the coach does not want to see those principles abandoned, even on a pressurised occasion.‘I think they will look forward to it,’ said Southgate, who on Thursday night sent Carl Jenkinson back to West Ham after the right-back failed to recover from a hamstring injury.‘People have enjoyed watching us and there’s a big crowd wherever we’ve played. We’ve been an exciting attacking team to watch. We play a possession-based game, we averaged over 600 passes per game in the group, so we’ve got to continue to do that. That’s the style we want to keep playing in.‘I’ve set the bar high for them. It’s not enough just to win, I want them to win with a style that will make them successful to take them to the seniors. If I’m making it harder for them, so be it. That’s the benchmark I want to set.’
Gareth Southgate has challenged his squad to secure a Euro 2015 spot with style
The former Middlesbrough manager sees his side face Croatia in Wolverhampton on Friday nightThough England are without key midfielders James Ward-Prowse and Nathaniel Chalobah, through injury, Saido Berahino gives them class up front.Southgate is thrilled with the progress of the 21-year-old, who has scored six times this season for West Brom. ‘I would hope that in an England shirt, Saido will get a suitable reception and the fans at Wolves get behind him,’ he said.‘Then when he comes back with West Brom they hammer him like they should! I hope the local fans will be able to put their club allegiance to one side just for one night.‘I had to have a chat with him at the end of last year, but we’ve worked quite closely together. At times when he has needed a bit of encouragement and advice we have talked regularly and I am delighted with how he has started the season.‘We always try to work alongside the clubs in terms of player development and give the right messages to the players to keep working at their game. At the moment Saido is reaping the rewards of that.’
Southamptons Ward-Prowseis ruled out of Friday evenings match because of an injury
James Ward-Prowse hits the gym in bid to return fitter and stronger from foot injury 
Wembley NFL plans can be a success, insists England Under 21s boss Gareth Southagate
Nathan Redmond: Championship toughened me up, now Im ready to lead England Under 21s to Euro 2015
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Earlier escort awarded bid process

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(CNN) — The man who has gone over the bidding process for escort the 2018 and 2022 World Cups with a fine tooth comb wants FIFA to make his report public.
Michael Garcias stance eskort puts him at odds with soccers world governing body which has insisted the 250-page report should be kept private.
The American bayan escort lawyer gave the report to FIFAs ethics chief Hans-Joachim Eckert earlier this month.
Given the limited role Mr Hans-Joachim Eckert envisions escort bayan for the Adjudicatory Chamber, I believe it is now necessary for the FIFA Executive Committee to authorize the appropriate publication of the report on the inquiry into the 2018/2022 FIFA World Cup bidding process, Garcia said in a statement.
Publication would be consistent with statements made by a number of Executive Committee members, with the view recently expressed by Independent Governance Committee Chair Mark Pieth, and with the goals of the reform process.
Garcias statement was released ahead of a two-day FIFA executive committee meeting in Zurich, which begins Thursday.
FIFA was not immediately available for comment when asked for a response to Garcias desire for the report to be made public.

Sponsors voice concerns over Qatar 2022

Qatar bribery allegations

Israeli minister: Cancel World Cup in Qatar

The 2018 World Cup was awarded to Russia while the 2022 tournament will be staged in Qatar.
Last week FIFA president Sepp Blatter tweeted: Everyone in the global football community has a responsibility to act ethically. Football fans rightly demand this. FIFA has taken the lead.
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However, one of the criticisms leveled at FIFA is that the organization is not transparent enough and reform will not take place without greater transparency.
Some FIFA officials, notably vice-presidents Jim Boyce of Northern Ireland and Jeffrey Webb of the Cayman Islands, as well as executive committee members Moya Dodd of Australia and Prince Ali Bin Al-Hussein of Jordan, have all demanded Garcias report to be made public.
For the last four years Qatars successful bid has been dogged by controversy.
Issues relating to the feasibility of playing in scorching summer temperatures, the conditions of migrant workers building World Cup infrastructure and allegations of bribery and corruption have all been raised.
British newspaper The Sunday Times has published a number of stories into the bidding process for the two World Cups and in one story claimed a Qatari official paid more than $5 million to secure support for his countrys bid.
Qatar has said it provided full cooperation to Garcia and has also said that it won the bid fairly.
The debate has also raised questions about whether Qatar could lose the 2022 tournament and, if it did hold the event, at which time of the year it should be played.
Some like UEFA boss, Michel Platini, believe a re-vote is necessary if corruption accusations are proven.
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To it as eskort says

(CNN) — Whether or not Saudi Arabias Kingdom Tower will be the worlds tallest building upon completion is subject to eskort debate (last week, it was announced China just might thwart the Kingdoms ambitions).
Even if it only ties for the honor, theres no doubt that the 3,280-feet (1,000 meters) tall structure will be a luxury experience. As it turns out, even the elevators will be VIP.
Not only will the elevators reach a record height of 2,165 feet (660 meters), but the elevators responsible for shuttling visitors directly to the towers observation deck will be the worlds fastest double-decker lifts — traveling at speeds of 30 feet (10 meters) per second.
According to Johannes de Jong, head of technology for major projects at Kone Corporation — the company contracted to build the structures elevators — high-rolling residents will also be able to communicate directly with the lifts through their phones.
You can call the elevator as you step out of your car so you have it practically there when you arrive, he says.
KONE has developed a material called UltraRope for the elevtators.
Kone, who are leaders in elevator technology, will also be doing away with what for decades has been one of the most defining elevator features: buttons.
Instead, we will have keypads outside the elevators, where people can type in their destination, says de Jong. The advantage, he says, is that people traveling to the same destination can be grouped together in one elevator. Its a system that not only speeds up the journey by enabling each elevator to make fewer stops, but is more energy efficient as well.
Sky is the limit for elevator tech
Womens basketball in Saudi Arabia
Shopping for lingerie in Saudi Arabia
Even crafting an elevator that can reach heights above 1,600 feet (500 meters) is a technological marvel.
The reason is that steel cables, which have long been the traditional means of pulling up an elevator, are heavy.
The taller the building, the more cables are needed to lift it. In order to travel the distance to the observation deck, a single elevator in the Kingdom Tower would require nearly 20 tons of steel rope. Getting that much weight to where it needs to be for installation is near impossible.
New technology, in the form of the KONE UltraRope, has made it newly possible for an elevator to reach great heights.
Made from carbon fiber, the new rope is both lighter and stronger than its steel predecessors. By comparison, a single lift would only require around three tons of the new cable to operate.
The savings in weight, says de Jong, equals a further reduction in energy consumption.
Because of the rope, these elevators will reduce typical energy consumption by as much as 21%, he says.
First dinosaur bones in Saudi discovered
Inside the worlds largest mall
When the elevators dont work in the worlds tallest building

escort miss two played recovered

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(CNN) — Roger Federer has reached the U.S. Open semifinals for the escort first time since 2011, but he sure had to do it the hard way.
Federer saved two match points and rallied from two sets down to defeat enigmatic Frenchman Gael Monfils 4-6 3-6 6-4 7-5 6-2 in a late-night thriller in bayan escort ankara New York.
The two played in Cincinnati just a few weeks ago and Monfils stretched Federer to a deciding third set.
He was even closer to upsetting the 17-time grand slam champion under the lights at Arthur Ashe Stadium on Thursday, holding two match points on Federers serve at 5-4 in the fourth.

Secret to beating tennis big four

Tennis legends surprising comebacks

Who will be the tennis ace of 2014?

While Federer saved the second match point with a winning forehand, Monfils had an opportunity on the first match point, only to miss a backhand long.
Monfils never recovered.
He double faulted twice to drop serve in the next game, Federer held to claim the set and the 33-year-old then cruised in a quick fifth set.
It was the ninth time in his career Federer came back from two sets down.
The last time it happened was at Wimbledon in 2012 — against another Frenchman, Julien Benneteau.
In a potentially good omen for Federer, he went on to win the title at the All England Club — his last success at a major.
I got off to a good start, so I was actually feeling alright, but then when I was down two match points, thats when I wasnt feeling so great anymore, Federer, 28-1 in night session matches at the U.S. Open, said on court afterwards. I thought, This is it. This is the last point, man, just go down fighting, dont miss an easy shot and let him have it.
But I served well and stayed in the match and somehow turned it around. I felt great in the fifth, though.
I was really starting to play better and better as the match went on, and thats a great feeling.
Federer faces the resurgent Marin Cilic in Saturdays semifinals after the big-serving Croat dispatched Czech sixth seed Tomas Berdych in straight sets.
A year ago Cilic sat out the U.S. Open due to a doping suspension.
The other semifinal sees top seed Novak Djokovic meet Japans Kei Nishikori, a maiden grand slam semifinalist. They won their quarterfinals Wednesday.

On the court with Baby Federer

Djokovic finishes season on top

For Monfils and France, it marks more disappointment.
The countrys wait for a mens grand slam singles champion will extend to 32 years.
I will need time to forget about this match, but it gives me more motivation, the 24th-ranked Monfils was quoted as saying by LEquipe.
He (saved) those two (match points), so bravo to him. After that it was hard because my serve wasnt good. He played well and me, I had a (dip) for five minutes.
I felt tired physically and mentally, too, and he was very aggressive at that time.
Serena Williams and pal Caroline Wozniacki will meet in the womens final if they both — as expected — progress Friday.
Williams, the only grand slam singles champion of the womens semifinalists, plays Russian left-hander Ekaterina Makarova and former No. 1 Wozniacki plays Chinas Peng Shuai.
Makarova, though, owns a grand slam win over Williams at the Australian Open in 2012.
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The home escort any more

Ordeal: Some said they were rushed out just two hours later and described the experience as so traumatic that it escort contributed to post-natal depression
Four in ten women are sent home from hospital too soon after giving birth, according to escort bayan a report.
Some said they were rushed out just two hours later and described the ordeal as so traumatic that eskort it contributed to post-natal depression.
Midwives also say they are being forced to discharge distressed women who are struggling to bayan escort breastfeed for the first time just to free up a bed.
A report by the Royal College of Midwives (RCM) includes a survey of nearly 500 women in which 40 per cent said they were discharged before they were ready.
This included 9 per cent who said they were rushed out of the hospital, with some being distressed, in pain and struggling to cope with the new baby.
One woman said: ‘I had great care with my first baby, with the second I was rushed home within a couple hours of giving birth, distressed and in pain, probably still in shock, which contributed to my post-natal depression.’
Another mother said: ‘I definitely feel that staff are under huge stress and the quality of care is affected.
‘After I had my baby I felt awful and wanted to stay overnight but was told no, that it was not a hotel.’
Additionally, a survey of more than 3,000 midwives and maternity staff by the RCM found that women are not receiving enough home visits after the birth.
More than a third of staff said they did not have enough time to go through the basics such as feeding, bathing and breastfeeding with mothers.  One midwife told the RCM: ‘The women are discharged inadequately prepared from the ward because the hospital is grossly understaffed.’
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One of the mothers questioned also referred to the problem, saying: ‘I saw so many different midwives, both before and after the birth of my baby, that they had not a hope of offering the kind of care that I wanted.‘I never had a chance to get to know and trust any of them, and they never had a chance to get to know me.’
RCM says there are too few midwives to properly look after women while
they are in hospital and after being discharged, with the birth rate in
England having risen by a fifth in the last decade. It has calculated
that an extra 5,000 midwives are needed.
Rushed: Midwives also say they are being forced to discharge distressed women who are struggling to breastfeed for the first time just to free up a bed
Cathy Warwick, chief executive of the RCM, said the shortage meant that women are not getting the best possible post-natal care.
‘This can have a massive impact on the health and wellbeing of the mother and her baby after the birth and well into the future,’ she said.
‘The impact good post-natal care has on women’s experiences and their long-term health should not be underestimated. Post-natal care should always be based on women’s needs and not on funding or organisational issues. ‘This reinforces the need for more
midwives. Numbers have been increasing but not fast enough and England
remains seriously short of the numbers needed if care is to be of high
quality throughout antenatal, labour and postnatal care.’
More than a third of staff said they did not have enough time to go through the basics such as feeding, bathing and breastfeeding with mothers before they are discharged
Projections show that 743,000 babies will be born this year, the highest since 1971.
In addition, a higher number of women are having more complicated births due to obesity, type 2 diabetes and the fact they are having children at an older age.
A Department of Health spokesman said: ‘The NHS remains one of the safest places in the world to give birth and the latest independent CQC survey found that maternity care in England continues to improve, with women reporting high levels of trust and confidence in staff caring for them.
‘We now have over 1,700 more midwives since 2010 with a further 6,000 in training, which will help hospitals to make sure they give the best possible support to all families.

Know the -year-old evden eve nakliyat action

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(CNN) — World No. 2 Li Na has pulled out of next evden eve nakliyat months U.S. Open with a knee injury.
Li, the reigning Australian Open champion and a semifinalist at Flushing Meadows last year, posted a message on her Facebook page saying she expects to return to action after the tennis seasons fourth and final grand slam event.
I wanted to let all of my great fans know that unfortunately I am going to have to withdraw from the upcoming WTA events in Montreal and Cincinnati, as well as the U.S. Open, Lis statement read.
Since March, I have been struggling with my knee and it is just not where I need it to be in order to play at the highest level.
And then there were two…Dominika Cibulkova will meet Li Na in the Australian Open.
Li Na will head into the Australian Open final as the favorite after a comfortable 6-2 6-4 win over Canadas Eugenie Bouchard.
With Serena Williams, Victoria Azarenka and Maria Sharapova all eliminated, fourth seed Li was the highest-ranked player left in the womens draw.
Bouchard enjoyed a breakout tournament in Melbourne, reaching the semifinals in her first appearance in the Australian Open main draw.
Chinas Li — beaten by Azarenka in last years Melbourne Park final — will be looking to win her second grand slam title, adding to the French Open crown she clinched in 2011.
Slovakias Cibulkova shocked fifth seed Agnieszka Radwanska to reach her first grand slam final. The world No. 24 beat Polands Radwanska 6-1 6-2.
Li, Cibulkova set for Melbourne showdown
Li, Cibulkova set for Melbourne showdown
Li, Cibulkova set for Melbourne showdown
Li, Cibulkova set for Melbourne showdown
Li, Cibulkova set for Melbourne showdown
Li, Cibulkova set for Melbourne showdown
Li, Cibulkova set for Melbourne showdown
Li Na wins dream trophy
Asias tennis superstars
My medical team has advised me that I need to take some time off to rest my knee so it heels. I look forward to getting back on the court this fall in Wuhan and Beijing.
After the two Chinese tournaments in late September, there is just one premier-level WTA Tour event before the season-ending championships in Singapore starting October 20. Li is third in the standings for the eight-woman showpiece.
Injury to her right knee forced Li to withdraw from Aprils Stuttgart Open, and the 32-year-old has struggled with her form since.
A first-round exit at Roland Garros in May was followed by a third-round defeat at Wimbledon the following month, which is her last tournament appearance.
Li became Chinas first grand slam singles champion when she won the French Open in 2011 and clinched a second major title at Melbourne Park in January, when she beat Slovakias Dominika Cibulkova in straight sets.
Thursdays announcement came 24 hours after Rafael Nadal revealed he is suffering from a wrist injury and may not be fit for the New York slam.
Nadal clinched his second U.S. Open title against Novak Djokovic last September but his title defense could be in peril after he was told by doctors that he needs at least two to three weeks off from competitive action.
The injury, sustained during practice, has denied the second-ranked Spaniard the chance to defend his titles at next weeks Rogers Cup in Toronto and the Cincinnati Masters, which starts on August 10.
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Deeper orlando escort bayan november klum

Shes the Victorias Secret model who hit headlines when she was seen on
Justin Biebers luxury yacht in Ibiza days escort bayan after the bad boy popstar
scuffled with Orlando Bloom.And it looks like Shanina Shaik is set to fill even more escort bayan headlines this year after landing a new fashion campaign.The 23-year-old has been snapped up by Accessorize to model its AW14 collection alongside Anna Brewster and Milou Sluis.Scroll down for video

Look who it is! Shanina Shaik, a good friend of Justin Bieber, has been snapped up by Accessorize to model its AW14 collection
The girls follow in the footsteps of former Accessorize models such as Nina Agdal, Kate Upton, Claudia Schiffer, and Heidi Klum.  
Victoria Beckham: It really was a life-changing experience, I wanted to do all I could Designer so moved by trip to South Africa to meet women with HIV shell sell 600 items from her wardrobe for charity
Is Kim Kardashian helping to change Berber womens lives? Stars love of argan oil boosts business in Morocco where women hand press every single nut to produce lucrative liquid gold
Michelle Keegan does it again! Former Corrie star beats Kim Kardashian and Beyonce to win best bikini body of the year
The shoot took place in the idyllic English countryside, at the luxurious 17th century Palladian country house, Aynhoe Park. 
Shanina Shaik glitters in Accessorizes AW14 collection
Elegant: The 23-year-old has been snapped up alongside Anna Brewster, right, and Milou Sluis, centre
Natural beauty: The Australian model can be seen in a woodland ground wrapped up in a printed scarf and khaki jacket
Glamorous girls: The finale of the campaign features sparkle, glitter and giant gold balloons in the shape of the number 30 to celebrate the brands big birthday
The first half of the campaign see the girls gathered outside the front of Aynhoe Park wearing statement collars, sassy pumps and clutching structured day bags.
As the weather progresses into deeper autumn, the models are seen relaxing in the wooded grounds wrapped up in faux furs (very on-trend for the coming season), oversized Burberry-esque blanket scarves and felt fedoras.
The finale of the campaign is the Christmas shots, with a party scene re-created inside the
house featuring sparkle, glitter and giant gold balloons in the shape of the number 30 to celebrate the brands big birthday.
How were used to seeing her: The model has been holidaying in Ibiza with Justin Bieber and kept her fans updated with a series of sultry bikini snaps
Today it was back to reality for Shanina, who returned to Australia after her wild partying with Justin Bieber.Seen mainly sporting swimwear in Spain, the 23-year-old wrapped up warm as she touched down at Sydney airport in the depths of Australian winter.
Shanina was seen on Justin Biebers
luxury yacht in Ibiza days after the bad boy popstar made headlines
around the world for his scuffle with Orlando Bloom.
Scenic: Shot in the idyllic English countryside at the luxurious 17th century Palladian country house, Aynhoe Park, photographer Scott Trindle captured a very British feel in the shoot
Tea is served: The three models showcase the brands AW14 designs as they pose in the British countryside
On Thursday he shared a selfie of the two on Instagram, captioning the pic with dont even start with the dating rumours.As if this all werent complicated enough, on Saturday, Tyson Beckford – who dated Miranda Kerr before her marriage to Orlando, and went out with Shanina until November of last year –
jetted into Ibiza.
also made an appearance on Tysons Instagram page, with the former item
seen partying with a group of friends just prior to her leaving
the country.
We dont think this is the last well be seeing of her. The model, who opened for Jason Wu at fashion week, and also walked for Diesel, Oscar de la Renta, LWren Scott, Tom Ford, Vivienne Westwood, and Stella McCartney, has done a shoot with Vogue Australia due to be released at some stage during the year.

Hes got a way with Angels! Days after he made
headlines with his scuffle with Orlando Bloom, Justin Bieber shared a
selfie with Shanina to his 18million-plus Instagram followers
Catching up? She then partied up with her
ex-boyfriend Tyson Beckford just prior to her leaving Ibiza, with the
model posting this to his Instagram account on Tuesday morning. The two
dated until November of last year

Wrong the who bayan escort brother

To those around her Eleanor Holmes was a brilliant schoolgirl and talented musician with everything to live for.
But she was bayan escort secretly battling inner demons – and the only clue to what was troubling her so deeply came in a haunting song she wrote about a girl’s hidden worries about her looks.
Shortly after writing the song Eleanor, 15, killed herself, tormented by pressures to be thinner and prettier and to get on with all her friends.
Scroll down for video

Elle Holmes, 15, took her own life after pressures to be thinner and prettier and to get on with her friends
Leigh Holmes (centre) whose teenage daughter Elle (left) died after a tragic accident has revealed that her daughter had been visiting pro-anorexia websites before her death
The lyrics of the song Mirror, Mirror
include the lines: ‘Mirror mirror don’t you see, What you show her is
deadly, You killed that little girl.’ Her family had no idea
anything  was wrong and say she must have  suddenly felt overwhelmed by
her worries and snapped.
After her death they discovered that she had
secretly browsed sick ‘pro-ana’ websites – which promote anorexia and
bulimia – and had made herself sick after eating and had self-harmed in
the days before her death on May 26.Eleanor’s mother Leigh, 40, said
her daughter had shown ‘no sign’ of depression and was filmed laughing
in a family video hours before she died.‘I don’t know why my loved,
brilliant, popular, talented, funny baby made that decision,’ said Mrs
Holmes, a teacher at an international school in China. ‘She left no
note. She said nothing to the little brother she adored. No word to her
boyfriend, or her close inner circle of friends.‘There was no
long-suffering depression, or slow descent into despair. The spiral into
darkness seemed to occur over just a few short hours as her mind became
overwhelmed and she simply snapped.’ Mirror, Mirror – by Elle Holmes

She added it was only through ‘forensically mining’ her daughter’s computer she discovered her hidden concerns.‘Her
secret internet history revealed many of the pressures of modern life, a
desire to be skinnier, prettier, have different hair. There were secret
accounts on pro-ana websites,’ she said.Eleanor was a star student
with dreams of becoming a child psychologist. She had taken GCSEs a year
early, was captain of her school’s swimming, netball and football
teams, played three instruments and had volunteered helping orphans in
Tanzania.She wrote and performed her own songs, often accompanied on
the drums by brother Oliver, 13. Among them was Mirror, Mirror. On the
night of her death, Eleanor – who was also known as Elle – received
texts with a Gothic-style image of skulls and nooses from a friend and
sent texts asking whether another friend whom she had fallen out with
had ‘given up on her’.Mrs Holmes said: ‘Elle appears to have started
becoming distressed and began texting a friend, a blameless young
artist who also was exploring her own demons, who could not have known
the state of mind Elle was in from such short digital messages, carrying
none of the nuance or body language of a real conversation. ‘We can
only imagine what dark tunnels Elle’s mind took her down from there
onwards, but roughly two hours later, my wonderful baby died – leaving
me heartbroken.’

Elle loved to sing and recorded a track called Mirror Mirorr which the family hopes will become a world wide hit
Elle Holmes, from Bootle, Merseyside, had also been self-harming, covering her injuries with chunky accessories, her mother revealed. She was in Beijing at the time of her death
Before she died in May, Elle recorded a song that Ms Holmes now wants to share to bring hope to other youngsters struggling across the world and raise funds for teens in crisis
Mrs Holmes added: ‘Elle was a dream child: funny,
mischievous, caring about her family, committed and openly loving to her
mum and her little brother. But, clearly, she did have hidden demons.‘If this could happen to my kid, it could happen to anyone.’The
family live in China because Mrs Holmes works at the British School of
Beijing but are originally from Bootle, Liverpool. A Chinese inquest
found the cause of death to be asphyxiation. Mrs Holmes is now in
talks with singer Anita Prime from New Zealand to record a version of
Mirror, Mirror to help support girls struggling with their body image.
The record will raise money for teenage mental health charity Papyrus.
To donate in Eleanor’s memory visit: www.elleaholmes.com.Family
friend Sheree Brown wrote a blog warning parents of the dangers of
technology, especially in teenagers’ rooms at night.
She said: ‘Mobile
devices and the such allow too much into what should be their “safe
place”.’■For confidential support, call the Samaritans on 08457909090, visit a local Samaritans branch or go to www.samaritans.org.■For support and advice on battling eating disorders, contact b-eat: For the Adult Helpline, call 0845 634 1414. For the Youthline, please call 0845 634 7650. There is also a Youthline email service at fyp@b-eat.co.ukMIRROR, MIRROR: THE SONG WRITTEN BY TRAGIC ELLE HOLMES
 She’s just your average girl
Lost in her own fantasy world
No one gets in, no one gets out
She looks out her bedroom window
And watches the butterflies fly away
Dreaming of happiness and bliss
But what she doesn’t know
She’s fighting a losing battle
What she doesn’t know is she’s her own enemy

Mirror mirror on the wall
She ain’t the fairest of them all
But what you’re showing her has left her cold
Mirror mirror don’t you see
What you show her is deadly
You killed that little girl

Tragic and beautiful
Yet it’s all just hidden from her
Under a mask, a voice, lights
She turns her monsters into pain
In the hope it would all go away
Now she’s trapped, lost, alone
Now she’s realised
Her battle is a war one sided
Now she’s realised that she’s her own enemy

Mirror mirror on the wall
She ain’t the fairest of them all
But what you’re showing her
Hasn’t left her cold
Mirror mirror don’t you see
What you show her is deadly
You’ve killed that little girl

She reaches for the helping hand
Yet she fears that she’ll soon slip back
But she’s got no other choices
Her mind, it binds with another, and the voice it’s gone
Finally happy, finally free

Mirror mirror on the wall, she is the fairest of them all
And hopefully soon she’ll see it too
Mirror mirror she now sees
The beauty and power that is she
That little girl is running back towards her

Mirror mirror on the wall
She is the fairest of them all
And hopefully soon (hopefully soon) she’ll see it (she’ll
see it too)
Mirror mirror we all see
The beauty and power that is she
She’s just another tragic beauty

My beautiful tragedy
What is anorexia? Howcast describes diagnostic criteria

Years escort bayan not down beatles

June 30, 2014. Veteran entertainer Rolf Harris arrives at Southwark Crown Court in London.The Associated Press
A jury Monday found veteran escort bayan broadcaster and entertainer Rolf Harris guilty of 12 counts of indecent assault that took place from the 60s to the escort bayan 80s.
The 84-year-old celebrity was convicted of attacks on four victims aged 19 or younger between 1968 and 1986.ADVERTISEMENTADVERTISEMENT
Prosecutors said that escort bayan for years he got away with brazen sexual assaults on young girls because his fame made him untouchable. He was escort bayan described as so famous and powerful that no one felt they could tell the truth about his behavior.
The Australian-born Harris was a prominent British broadcaster for decades and once performed with the Beatles.
Prosecutors described him as having a good and generous side offset by a dark side that allowed him to molest young girls knowing they could not object and would not be believed if they did.
He had denied the charges and during the trial at Southwark Crown Court enjoyed the support of his wife Alwen and daughter, even though he was accused of repeatedly abusing one of his daughters friends.
Harris had told the police the relationship had been consensual, prosecutors said.
Other victims also testified about indecent assaults. Prosecutors asserted the victims did not know each other and had come forward to police independently to report the historic abuse.
Harris had hits with the novelty songs Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sports and Two Little Boys. He painted an official portrait of Queen Elizabeth II to mark her 80th birthday.
He is one of several veteran entertainers to face sex charges since TV host Jimmy Savile was exposed as a serial child molester after his death in 2011.
Harris is due to be sentenced Friday.

Has of escort bayan while cases

(CNN) — When origami enthusiast Uyen Nguyen discusses her art, you quickly understand that it is about a lot more escort bayan than folding paper.
In many ways it has been therapeutic, she says. I find the process of folding paper to be bayan escort almost meditative.
Origami can be used to create incredibly realistic forms, not just to the likeness of say, an insect, but bursa escort down to the exact species of that particular insect with proportions of its body segment true to real life. At escort the other end of the spectrum, you can mold paper to create the most abstract of forms beautiful because of their inherent structure instead of their likeness to real life forms. As someone interested in both science and art, I love that origami bridges the two.
Worldwide movement
Now Nguyen is bringing her passion to the people of New York City.
As someone interested in both science and art, I love that origami bridges the two.
Uyen Nguyen. origami artist
For the exhibition Surface to Structure: Folded Forms, which will take place at New Yorks Cooper Union from June 19 to July 4, Nguyen has gathered more than 130 works from 88 artists around the world.
The exhibition includes adorable rabbits folded by Malaysian origamist Ng Boon Choon, and a realistic rendering of a field mouse by American Bernie Peyton.
But it also includes St. Michael — The Archangel, a more ominous work by Vietnamese origamist Tran Trung Hieu. It shows a winged angel carrying a sword.
The exhibition marks the 55th anniversary of the 1959 exhibition Plane Geometry and Fancy Figures — the first origami exhibition held in the United States, which also took place inside Cooper Union.
So far Nguyen has raised more than $24,000 of the $32,000 she needs to cover the cost of shipping the works, organizing security and building display cases.
Origami can also be used to make avant-garde fashion creations, such as this one by Czech designer Hana Coufalova.Courtesy Christopher Bierlein.
Collectively the works demonstrate how origami artists are pushing the boundaries of technique and style.
Transcending language barriers
In the 1950s, Japanese organist Akira Yoshizawa helped popularize the art by creating a universal system of diagramming, which involved arrows and illustrations rather than words. His book allowed people across the world to learn the craft and to easily construct pre-existing designs.
But today artists have moved beyond that, with many using software that helps them dream up and then fold their elaborate works.
In many ways it has been therapeutic. I find the process of folding paper to be almost meditative.
Uyen Nguyen. origami artist
Most origami involves folding one sheet of paper into some final form, Nguyen says.
Modular origami uses multiple sheets of paper, folded into identical units, and takes these units and interlocks them, without cuts or adhesive, to obtain a final form that is usually very angular and representative of geometric solids. A couple of my designs add embellishments onto the surfaces of these polyhedra.
Regional variations in the art are becoming smaller and smaller as more people learn about origami via the Internet.
However, Nguyen says that she observed a few patterns among artists while curating her exhibition.
Vietnamese artists tend to be masters of wet folding, which creates soft, gentle bends rather than sharp creases.
Their styles can be somewhat minimalist, and there is so much beauty in their simplicity, she says. The Japanese tend to be more calculated and precise with their folding, which can allow for a huge amount of detail and complexity. I think the European style of origami lies somewhere between these two extremes.
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escort bayan of prosecutors contributed washington

Washington (CNN) — Could former U.S. State Department contractor Alan Gross be part of a new prisoner swap?
Two Cubans convicted escort bayan of spying in the United States are pushing for the deal. They argue that U.S. President Barack Obama could follow escort the release of Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl with a similar exchange, swapping three of their imprisoned colleagues in exchange for bayan escort Gross.
The only thing missing is political will, Fernando Gonzalez told reporters Tuesday, speaking from Havana in a teleconference broadcast at bayan escort ankara the Cuban Interests Section in Washington. I cannot think of a reason for him not to do something similar to what he did (with Bergdahl).
Gross, 65, is serving a 15-year sentence for bringing satellite communications equipment to Cuba as part of his work as a subcontractor for the U.S. Agency for International Development. He was convicted in March 2011.
Gonzalez is one of the Cuban Five, a group of Cuban agents who were arrested in South Florida in 1998 and convicted of espionage in 2001.
Two of them — Fernando Gonzalez and Rene Gonzalez — were released from prison and have returned to Cuba. Gerardo Hernández, Ramón Labañino and Antonio Guerrero remain in prison in the United States.
Since their conviction, the agents have been the focus of an international campaign by the Cuban government to have them freed. Both of the freed agents have joined the lobbying effort.
The pair already say the Bergdahl exchange shows a deal is possible, despite the criticism Obama has faced since the controversial swap of the U.S. soldier for five Taliban figures whod been detained at Guantanamo Bay.
I think this is the time to do it. I think we had never had a more favorable moment to go that route than we have now. I think that the end result would have an important and positive impact, not only on us, but also on future generations, Rene Gonzalez said during Tuesdays teleconference.
A government employee works next to a mural showing the Cuban Five in Havana in August 2005. Three of them remain imprisoned in the United States.
But State Department officials have stressed that Bergdahls case is different, given that he was a member of the U.S. armed forces who was captured in the midst of a military conflict. However, State Department officials say they are taking steps to ensure that Gross is returned to the United States.
Alan Gross is an international development worker, and his situation is not comparable in any way to those of the convicted Cuban intelligence agents. The Cuban intelligence agents were tried transparently under due process rights that we extend to all defendants in our judicial system, a State Department spokesman said in an e-mail to CNN.
Cuban government interlocutors frequently attempt to compare Mr. Gross imprisonment to that of five convicted Cuban intelligence agents, three of whom continue to serve sentences in the United States.
U.S. officials said Gross was merely trying to help Cubans bypass the islands stringent restrictions on Internet access. But Cuban authorities say Gross was part of a plot to create a Cuban spring and destabilize the islands single-party communist government.
U.S. federal prosecutors called the Cuban Five a dangerous undercover spy cell. The Cuban government said they were gathering intelligence to prevent terrorist attacks against Cuba.
The apparent U.S. reluctance to pursue a swap hasnt stopped the Cuban government from pushing for it and saying that it would be open to discussing the matter with the United States.
We are not talking about an exchange, we are talking about unilateral decisions which, obviously, would have to be interrelated, said Cuban Ambassador Jose Ramon Cabañas. The United States government has called on us to discuss humanitarian concerns. We, too, have a number of humanitarian concerns. We have said repeatedly that we are willing to seek a solution.
CNNs Patrick Oppmann and Catherine E. Shoichet contributed to this report.